GE Grid Solutions

Transmission Challenge Power systems are interconnected, highly complex networks that are susceptible to instabilities. Power transformers, the heart of the aging power system, currently average an in-service life of over 40 years. Expertise to manage the grid is rapidly diminishing due to the retirement of skilled, technical workers. Additionally, utilities are being asked to increase grid efficiency and resiliency without investing in new capital equipment, while also supporting the integration of renewables. Overall, utilities are under intense scrutiny by both regulatory agencies and the public, to prevent the catastrophic power system failures that have occurred over the last decades. Solution GE offers utilities advanced solutions to improve grid stability, support the latest cyber-security tools, and increase the efficiency of transmission networks. These solutions include reactive power solutions that cost effectively increase power transfer capabilities of existing infrastructure, self healing systems that detect instabilities and automatically reconfigure networks in real-time, and substation maintenance and modernization solutions to allow customers to leverage our expertise.