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DT1-245 F3
Dead Tank Circuit Breaker for 245 kV
State-of-the-Art Technology

GE advanced self-blast interrupters, leak-resistant, cast aluminum enclosures and durable low-energy, spring-operated mechanisms characterize the Dead Tank series. More than 100,000 circuit breakers with self-blast interrupters and spring-operated mechanisms are in service worldwide.

Extended Temperature Range

The DT1-245 F3 is available for single pole operation and leverages GE technology and experience by utilizing interrupter design from the durable T155 gas-insulated switchgear and DT2-550 dead tank circuit breaker. The standard range for low temperature areas is -30°C without any heating systems. Utilizing either tank heaters or a mixed gas design, the DT1-245 F3 can be installed in regions with temperatures as low as -60°C.

GE Advantage

Learn about GE’s advantages in dead tank circuit breaker technology

Spring-spring mechanism

The reduced energy requirements of the breaking chamber allows for the utilization of the world class FK spring-spring mechanism. The combination of the proven FK drive mechanism and interrupter technology results in a significant reduction of reaction forces, thus reducing foundation design requirements.

Gas Tightness Guarantee

GE is an industry leader in SF6 gas tightness testing technology including seals, castings, and plumbing systems. Each breaker is factory tested using GE’s proprietary gas tightness testing system which provides measurable, quantifiable test results on the breaker in its fully assembled, as-shipped condition.

Certified Quality

GE designs, manufactures, tests and delivers its circuit breakers in accordance with the latest IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, maintaining a quality assurance system according to ISO-9011 and ISO-14001 certifications. The center of excellence for dead tank circuit breakers is located in Charleroi, PA.

Installation and Maintenance

The DT1-245 series is factory tested and prepared for shipment with bushings assembled and prefilled with SF6 gas, therefore the on-site installation requires only a few simple steps without requiring any special tools. The DT1-245 circuit breaker range has lower maintenance costs and requirements, thanks to an engineering and design philosophy that has focused on these key needs since the inception of the development process.


Rated maximum voltage Rated voltage 245 kV
Rated power frequency Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Dry withstand At power frequency,dry 425/460 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage At lightning impulse 900/1,050 kV
Rated chopped wave impulse voltage 2us   1,160 kV
Rated continuous current Rated normal current 3,000/4,000/5,000 A
Rated short-circuit current Rated short-circuit breaking current up to 63
(capacitance required)
Rated closing,latching and short time carrying   164 kA
  Rated short-circuit making current 164 kA
Rated capacitance switching*      
Rated interrupting time   3 cycles
  Rated break time 50 ms
Rated standard operating duty   O-CO-15s-CO
*Rating available upoon request
**Contact Grid Solutions for special purpose, high TRV, high X/R or other ratings requirements.


DT1-245 F3